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At Medicus, we believe success is created by a diverse and inclusive workforce. As a global company, we value and cherish the uniqueness each of our team members brings to the table. Our people are our passion and strength, and through them, we are able to build teams and products that have a real impact on people's lives. The more unique our employees are, the more unique are we as a company. We are always striving to nurture an inclusive workforce, and championing our employee's strengths, passion interests, and perspectives.
Enabling communication on an eye-to-eye level and ensuring a constant flow of information is crucial for our success. Our All-Hands team check-ins are where you can hear updates from our management team will update on the latest company news, strategy, and accomplishments, and answer questions from the team. We aim to make our management team easily accessible for everyone to ensure that communication flows naturally between teams, functions, and locations. Everyone has a voice and we want to make sure it is heard, considered, and respected.
Learning and knowledge-sharing are the key pillars of our culture, and with Medicus University, we invite everyone to rediscover the students and teachers in themselves.
Medicus University sessions are created by and for our employees. Through this process, we elevate knowledge transfer to a whole new level and ensure continuous and regular learning opportunities for the entire company. Topics can range from project management and principles of Ai to design thinking and storytelling.
Beyond our internal learning, we offer personal development budgets to every employee to enable you to learn what you think is important and to boost your career even faster. Your knowledge gain is our knowledge gain so we will always support you wherever we can.
We have a number of initiatives to ensure entertainment comes from inside Medicus, from our round table discussions and our Mediquiz trivia evenings, to after-work social events such as team sports events, or bites & drinks outings.
Recruitment Process

Our Headquarters

Every company needs a base and ours is Vienna. Our headquarters offer a dynamic and flexible workspace, that truly reflects the way we work. Our office offers various different areas for collaborative work, focus-time and socializing and relaxing, taking care of both business and personal needs.

We are located in TSH Collab Vienna, a vibrant coworking space located in the second district as part of a brand new real-estate development in Vienna 'Austria Campus' and close to Prater, the largest park in Vienna. With plenty of options for food, coffee and drinks around.
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Make your move

Join our international team in Vienna for the opportunity of a lifetime. Our team is ready to support you with a world-class experience and support your relocation and everything that you need to get here, find your feet, and settle in.

Read more about how our team members have experienced their relocation with Medicus.
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