Smart Wellbeing

The Medicus Wellbeing platform provides users with an overall picture of their physical and psychological health through an engaging multidimensional health quiz and smart score.

Users engage with the app by signing up for coaching programs from a unique and growing library that promotes positive behavioral changes, based on a range of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle factors.
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Wellbeing quiz
A proprietary health scoring system that evaluates the physical and psychological health of a user across 42 scientifically-based parameters.


Coaching programs
Nutrition, fitness and lifestyle programs designed to build and maintain healthy habits are suggested to users based on their profile, inputs and Wellbeing Score.


Wellbeing score
Upon completing the quiz, users receive two distinct scores that are calculated by taking into account physical, psychological and lifestyle responses.


Tracking progress
Users are able to retake the quiz with new inputs to update their Wellbeing Score and track their progress and improvement over time.

Inside Smart Wellbeing

  • Seamless connections to wearables to provide a more comprehensive data inputs.

  • AI and data-driven coaching programs encompassing health, nutrition, and fitness.

  • Scientifically formulated coaching programs maximize chances of positive behavioural change.
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Real Privacy™

Real Privacy™ is the unique solution from Medicus AI that has been developed in response to our high standards for data protection and user privacy.

Fully compliant with EU GDPR, Real Privacy™ has been developed to allow the full app logic to run offline, ensuring that data remains solely on the user’s device.
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