Smart Reports

Smart Reports is an AI-based digital health solution that supports diagnostics labs and healthcare providers with digital report delivery and health insights.

Smart Reports explains and interprets diagnostic lab test reports, and translates health-relevant patient input into easily understood biomarker readings, health tips and other insights based on a medical reasoning engine.

Smart Reports puts the power into every patient’s hands, allowing them to access and own their health data.
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Heath literacy
Easy-to-understand insights characterized by intuitive colors, clear visuals and personalized insights help patients understand their test results.


Personalized insights
Insights that simulate the logic of a doctor are generated to inform the user of their health status and provide actionable tips based on their inputs.


Efficient delivery
Medicus provides diagnostic labs with a comprehensive and engaging way of adding value to every patient’s experience diagnostic.


Health risk assessments
Validated health risk assessmnets run continuously in the background to provide users with timely and relevant information about their health.

Inside Smart Reports

  • Smart PDF reports that are QR-code enabled to automatically download password-protected Smart Reports.

  • Direct-to-device delivery of results from diagnostic lab to patient.

  • Country-specific guidelines inform biomarker ranges, health risk assessments, and screening suggestions.
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Whitelabeled product

We work with our clients to adapt Smart Reports to their brand’s look and feel to provide a seamless experience from lab to device to maintain its unique features, engaging interface and user experience.
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