The Medicus Covid-19 platform provides partners with comprehensive digital solutions that support assessment, screening, testing, and results delivery.


The solution for COVID-19 mass screening with rapid antigen testing.

SafePlay is an end-to-end service that supports the strategy of COVID-19 mass screening using rapid antigen testing in critical and essential spaces to ensure continuity of public services and businesses.

Supported by a digital platform, SafePlay is test brand agnostic and integrates with rapid antigen tests and logistical medical partners to offer business owners and organizing leads a seamless experience to register, test, and manage individuals quickly and affordably.
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We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with testing partners and remote lab solutions to augment and enhance the testing experience for all stakeholders through our unique digital support platform.

If you are a test provider or diagnostic lab, email us on [email protected] for opportunities to integrate with our service.

Our Values


Quality Control and Management
Our platform integrates the full workflow with QMS and controls to ensure the quality of the test and avoid human error, ensuring laboratory-grade performance and efficiency for all healthcare professionals.


Medical Privacy
We work with trusted test providers and leading healthcare professionals to deliver secure and secret logistical, testing, and digital support solutions.


Simple and easy-to-use software for every stakeholder in the workflow, eliminating hassle and unnecessary complications.

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