The Medicus pregnancy platform creatively guides women through a smoother, healthier and more informed pregnancy.

Developed by Medicus AI, this comprehensive platform includes a mobile app that provides test result insights, wellbeing tips and midwife input, with a dashboard for the midwife to support remote monitoring.

The Medicus pregnancy platform supports a web, tablet, and mobile solution that supports midwives and doctors in caring for pregnant people, as well as a mobile app to support the medical needs and concerns of pregnant users.
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  • Multi-device midwife and doctor dashboard to manage patients and users.

  • Midwife and doctor communications hub to manage report delivery, appointment scheduling, and personalized messaging.

  • Engaging and easy-to-understand visual explanations that have been developed in alignment with country medical guidelines.
  • Screening guide and week-by-week prenatal test calendar that prompts users to schedule recommended screenings and upcoming prenatal tests.
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More Features

  • A comprehensive platform and communication tool that allows users to receive helpful insights and tips generated by the midwife's input and the app's AI.

  • Pregnancy coaching that supports the user with a range of diets and activities with easy to follow actionable tips and personalized coaching programs.

  • Remote tracking for patients and healthcare providers that allow users to track their mood and symptoms.

  • Visually engaging and clear tracking tool to help users work towards reaching their weight gain targets.
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