Diagnostic Labs and Hospitals

Our mission at Medicus is to change the way people think about health. One of the ways we’re doing this is by leading the cultural shift in the way people understand, access, and improve their health.

Building on the foundation of new expectations of convenience, efficiency, and on-demand services, we developed a medically-driven, holistic, health platform for diagnostic labs. Our platform is built to support labs and biologists in helping patients understand their lab test results using a proprietary visualization system that delivers meaning from data. This empowers patients to make more informed health decisions, and participate more actively in their health while helping doctors deliver better patient care.

Medicus works with diagnostic labs to create white-labeled and customized solutions that augment the role of biologists and labs through innovative data visualization, patient communication, and remote monitoring tools, allowing labs to increase satisfaction, retention, and growth through a modern and seamless experience.

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