Insurance companies and corporate partners

Our mission at Medicus is to change the way people think about health. One of the ways we’re doing this is by leading the cultural shift in the way people understand, access, and improve their health. Building on the foundation of new expectations of convenience, efficiency, and on-demand services, we developed a medically-driven, holistic, health platform for insurance providers. Our platform is built to support insurance companies in acquiring, retaining, and improving the experiences of its members while getting them healthy faster, and keeping them healthy for longer.

With a focus on both physical and psychological health aspects and the medical and lifestyle factors that influence it, the Medicus platform is insight-driven with tools that enable providers to communicate with, learn more about, and engage with customers.

Real Privacy TM by Medicus AI is the proprietary privacy solution that was born out of our non-negotiable requirements to protect users' health data while empowering insurance providers with the knowledge

they need to deliver the best products and solutions to their customers. With Real Privacy TM, all health data remains solely on a user's device, where all processing takes place, with only aggregate analytics sent to insurance providers.

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