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Medicus DNA

Do it for your mom
Work on Medicus as if someone you love uses it every day. Our responsibility is always to our users.
Add more butter
Just like an extra serving of butter makes everything taste better, find ways to add more butter in your work, whether it’s in product, coding, content or even finance.
Own it
Take initiative, contribute everywhere and come up with your own ideas. You’re more empowered than you know.
Figure it out
Tackle your challenges head-on, think smart & be resourceful. Trust in your capabilities and intuition.
Channel your Edison
Approach everything like a scientist: methodically, process-driven, careful attention and most of all, balance the data with your intuition.
Treat everything you commit to and say as a promise, and hold yourself accountable to your word.
Climb to your peak
Learning will stay with you regardless of where you go, so aim high, measure your progress, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Make it count
We’re fueled by other people’s money, money they worked hard to earn. It’s for us to make the most of it.
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